Relation Between Ball Possession Andผลบอลสด

Whenever you watch a football match either on television or your mobile phone you see some stats related to the matches. Well, these stats are termed live football results or ผลบอลสด. Moreover, you also see some additional information related to ball possession percentage that determines the analysis of the results of the football match.

Now, many people don’t know how the ball possession percentage is calculated. But before that, it is important to know that what ball possession means?

In football, ball possession notifies that it is the fraction of time a ball are controlled by a team during the tournament.

If a team has a higher ball possession percentage then it will be havinga huge chance of winning the match. And why not? After all, the goalkeeper is trying hard to control the ball from going into the net thereby preventing the opponent team to score. Hence, it is one of the indicators to calculate the live football scores.

Now, let’s get back to our previous question that how ball possession percentage is calculated. To know about this in detail just stay tuned.

How to Evaluate Ball Possession?

With the rise in technology, the sports industry has undergone several changes. This era began with the advancements made in football civilisation especially. Today, it is easy for us to calculate the outcomes of football matches with less effort, but that doesn’t mean that in the early days, people didn’t have their methods to analyze performances or matches. They developed their paths to calculate different ball possession, statistics etc.

How to Use The Manual Clock to Calculate Ball Possession?

In the olden days, the first technique to evaluate possession of the ball was to regulate the clock manually. Here, a person who is responsible for the task had to begin with measuring the time when a player of a particular time start with the ball possession and halts the watch when the ball is lost by the team. This type of metric was not perfect but was a natural way to analyze situations in the field. However, the results were not sometimes correct as the people forget to swap the clock or did that at an incorrect time.

How to Measure Possession of The Ball By Calculating Passes

After some years, technology was progressed due to which numerous conglomerates began to acquire the sports business very seriously and decided to give their services on behalf of the industry. Many of them agreed to work with sports statistics that also includes ball possession.

At the same time, a different evaluation technique was formulated that consists of a summation of the number of passes of a single team while the match is going on. After this, the summation is divided by the quantity of the total passes gained by both teams.

What is The Modern Method to Measure Possession of The Ball?

These days, calculating and analysing stats can be done in few moments. Today, the ball possession is evaluated through a video-basedinformation assortment of tools that enables them to determine the time when the player is in with the ball. The advanced calculates the ball possession percentage with almost 100% accuracy.


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