Introducing Dodo Graph- The Revolutionary Data Visualization Tool

Data Visualization has become an integral part of modern-day businesses that aim to understand and interpret their data effectively. From line charts to bar graphs, various tools have been developed to offer a comprehensive analysis of data. However, a new player has entered the field of data visualization, and it promises to take data analysis to a new level. It’s none other than the Dodo Graph. In this blog, we will explore what dodo graphs are, their benefits, and how you can create them.

What is a Dodo Graph?

The dodo graph (도도그래프) was developed by the University of Washington’s Interactive Data Lab. Unlike traditional graphs, it uses a new visualization technique known as the C-T technique (Count to Time). The C-T technique expands the possibilities to incorporate additional data dimensions in a two-dimensional graph. The idea behind C-T is to convert the number of instances of a particular data point to the time parameter in the x-axis. Hence, as the number of instances of an event increases, time in the x-axis increases, thus creating scattered plots that form unique shapes.

Benefits of Dodo Graph

The primary advantage of Dodo Graph is that it effectively displays the third dimension of data that traditional graphs cannot show. For instance, if you want to display how long a group of users stayed on your website and which pages they visited most, Dodo Graph would be an excellent choice since it can show the time periods spent on each page. Dodo Graphs are also visually appealing, and users can easily comprehend the data displayed.

Creating a Dodo Graph

Creating Dodo Graphs can be done using a tool called Dodo Explorer. The software uses a drag and drop feature, making it easy to create C-T graphs. The first step is to upload the data and select the one to use. Next, drag and drop the variables you want to use into two-dimensional scatter plots. Lastly, select the data points of interest to generate the C-T graph.

The Flexibility of Dodo Graphs

Dodo Graphs are highly flexible, and users can customize them to suit their preferences. The software provides various options, including adjusting the color and size of data points, altering the range of x and y-axis, selecting the background color, among others. Furthermore, users can extract insights from this new type of data visualization and ensure that their business makes better data-driven decisions.


Dodo Graphs are a unique and revolutionary concept in data visualization. They help users create a better understanding of complex data sets and present data in a visually appealing manner. Dodo Graphs offer a new approach to data analysis that traditional graphs might not be able to accomplish. Using Dodo Explorer, businesses can create custom C-T graphs that can be adjusted to fit their specific needs. With Dodo Graphs, data analysis can now take on another dimension and increase the accuracy of business decision-making.


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